quirky, provocative & zany


August 24th, The Tune Up, Boulder

September 13th, Charlie's Bar, Central City

November 1st, Dangerous Theater, Denver

November 2nd, The Tune Up, Boulder

November 8th, Dangerous Theater, Denver

November 15th, Dangerous Theater, Denver 

BLUE DIME is a pop-up cabaret troupe producing a lowbrow, avant-garde variety sideshow intended to cause laughter with ludicrous acts and bawdy characters. Shows are quirky, funny, zany, old-timey, and provocative.


The troupe includes burlesque performers, actors, magicians, dancers, contortionists, comedians, clowns, singers, musicians, drag kings / queens, and jugglers. Every show is a different combination of acts and runs about 90 minutes with a brief intermission.

BLUE : in vaudeville, “blue envelopes” were filed on those performers who were especially provocative or objectionable 


DIME : "dime museums" were a collection of lurid and sensational curiosities, monstrosities, and freaks exhibited for a low price of admission; “a dime piece” is a contemporary reference to an attractive person 

Velvet "Queen" Bee

Valkyrie Rose

Tel: 303-442-3700​

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