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quirky, provocative & zany — since 2018

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BLUE DIME is a pop-up cabaret troupe producing a lowbrow, avant-garde variety sideshow intended to cause laughter with ludicrous acts and bawdy characters. 


The troupe includes burlesque performers, actors, magicians, dancers, contortionists, comedians, clowns, singers, musicians, drag kings / queens, and jugglers. Every show is a different combination of acts and runs about 75 to 90 minutes.

BLUE : in vaudeville, “blue envelopes” were filed on those performers who were especially provocative or objectionable 


DIME : "dime museums" were a collection of lurid and sensational curiosities, monstrosities, and freaks exhibited for a low price of admission; “a dime piece” is a contemporary reference to an attractive person 

Velvet "Queen" Bee & Valkyrie Rose

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